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New policy associate brings research and world travels to bear on state’s energy issues

Tremaine Phillips to assist in MEC’s energy, climate change work
Tremaine Phillips, a Michigan State University graduate whose environmental studies have taken him from Brazil to Australia, joined the Michigan Environmental Council staff this summer.

Phillips graduated in 2008 with a degree in Environmental Economics and Policy and a specialization in Geographic Information Systems.

During his time at MSU, Phillips worked as a student researcher for MSU’s Cost and Returns Environmental Stewardship Team and was a student assistant for the director of the Office of Campus Sustainability.

He was also a member of the University Committee for a Sustainable Campus and was heavily involved in issues relating to climate change, clean energy policy and environmental justice through the student organizations ECO and the Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition. Upon graduation, Phillips was honored with the distinguished Richard Lee Featherstone Award for his leadership and intellectual curiosity outside of the traditional university curriculum.

He said he is pleased to be working where he can make a difference addressing climate change and other challenges that are tied directly to energy policy.

“I believe strongly that solving the many problems associated with our current energy policies, both in Michigan and globally, is key to ensuring an improved quality of life for future generations and reducing our impact upon the environment.” Phillips said. “I see MEC and its many allies as integral parts of the push for a smarter, cleaner and ultimately better energy future.”

Phillips’ pursuit of environmental knowledge has spanned several continents. He traveled to Brazil in 2007 through the Nissan-WWF Environmental Leadership Program, where he studied the impacts of climate change on endangered species and agricultural communities. And his studies abroad took him to Australia in 2006, where he examined the impact of a changing climate on ecotourism.

A native of Cortland, Ohio, Tremaine moved to Lake Orion, Michigan in 2000 and currently resides in Lansing. He enjoys photography, meteorology, basketball and politics in his free time.
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