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Transportation for Michigan blog: Simplifying wonky policy work so the rest of us understand what’s going on

Want to know why a Detroit highway widening project is a terrible idea? Or how better public transportation systems could reduce asthma rates? Or why a convoluted proposed transfer of state education dollars to fund public transit was dead on arrival at the State Capitol? 
The Transportation for Michigan (Trans4M) coalition’s dynamic news blog is the place to find these answers and learn much more about the status of public transportation policy in Michigan (click on “blog” at www.trans4m.org). 
Written by a talented team of Trans4M staffers, fellows and members, the blog has become a go-to resource for Michiganders tracking the progress of key transportation initiatives like the fledgling Southeast Michigan Regional Transit Authority (RTA), legislative proposals to fund road and bridge repairs, and the experience of local Michigan communities in building Complete Streets policies that nurture bike- and pedestrian-friendly towns and neighborhoods. 
“The Trans4M blog is one of the key tools we use to spread the word about the vital work going on in Lansing, in local communities, and among transportation advocates across the state,” said Kathryn Gray, Trans4M coordinator. “We try to keep it conversational—condensing wonky policy information into something accessible to everybody.” 
Transportation for Michigan is a statewide coalition working to create a stronger Michigan through transportation policy reform that will revitalize Michigan’s cities and towns, reconnect its people to opportunity, and spark a healthier economy. The Michigan Environmental Council is a core and founding partner in Trans4M. Coalition partners include nonprofits, businesses, policymakers, environmental groups, planners, academic institutions and others. 
The coalition scored a huge success last year with legislation creating the RTA. Partners are now coordinating efforts to ensure the authority is successful in bringing reliable, safe and affordable transportation choices to residents in the Detroit region. 
“For us, passage of the RTA was just a beginning,” said Gray. “We’re in it for the long haul, and our blog is a fun and important way of keeping supporters and allies up to date on what’s happening behind the headlines.” ?
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