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MEC overheard in the news

“People don’t want to see the conversation end here. These are steps forward, but there are many other asks that we have to ensure that the public and our water resources are protected.” 
—MEC Policy Director James Clift on Michigan Radio’s Nov. 7 Stateside show, on proposed new fracking regulations 

The report “unambiguously shows that investing in more renewable energy is good for Michigan ratepayers and good for our economy, public health and environment.” 
—MEC President Chris Kolb in a Sept. 20 Detroit News story on Gov. Rick Snyder’s renewable energy findings 

“So, we’re nowhere near as far along as Ontario is in getting rid of our coal plants, but we’re making some significant progress.” 
—MEC Communications Director Hugh McDiarmid, Jr., in a Nov. 13 Sarnia Observer story on Ontario becoming a coal-free province in 2014 

“It’s not a statewide water scarcity issue, it’s a localized issue. But we have dozens of watersheds that are coming up to this line where we have to be careful” to avoid water withdrawals that could harm fish populations and hurt tourism. 
—James Clift in an Oct. 22 Bridge Magazine story on water depletion problems in some Michigan watersheds 

“Our concern is with the proximity to the Great Lakes. I mean, you’ve got the world’s greatest freshwater resource a mile away from this material,” he said. “If anything should go wrong it jeopardizes the water that is the lifeblood of Michigan and the Great Lakes region. The ramifications of that are tremendous.” 
—Hugh McDiarmid, Jr., in an Aug. 20 Michigan Radio story on a proposed nuclear waste dump in Ontario
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