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Blueprint for a better Michigan, circa 2060, released by MEC

Public feedback sought on ambitious 50 Year Vision
The first public draft of a sweeping vision for a thriving, sustainable Michigan in the year 2060 was released this fall for public input.

The Michigan Environmental Council’s Michigan 50 Year Vision is part of a statewide conversation designed to create a shared roadmap of 50 year goals and intermediate steps at 2, 10 and 20 years to invigorate Michigan’s economy, natural resources and quality of life.

“A brighter future isn’t just an abstract idea. It’s the overarching goal of the Michigan Environmental Council and thousands of groups and individuals across the state working to ensure future generations enjoy the blessings of our richly diverse state,” said MEC President Chris Kolb. “Defining that future is the goal of this document. It paints in broad, ambitious brush strokes.

“This is a deliberate attempt to stop and look at the big picture,” said Kolb. “It’s a deep breath at a time when so much of our energy is spent dealing with the immediate concerns of the here and now.”

The Vision, and opportunities for online input, are available at vision.environmentalcouncil.org. Comments may be made online or emailed to vision@environmentalcouncil.org

“The vision is a living, breathing document that requires shaping and input from every corner of our state,” said Kolb. “Input will be incorporated into future drafts. We hope it will be a valuable tool for planners, policy makers and visionaries of today and tomorrow to map a course to a future Michigan can be proud of.”
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