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How MEC works to make the Windspire succeed

The Michigan Environmental Council’s successes at the State Capitol—and its current agenda in Lansing—have helped clean energy industries like Mastech Manufacturing provide new jobs and economic vitality to a state reeling from auto industry woes.

MEC and allies in the Re-Energize Michigan! Campaign hope to build on recent successes by passing tax credits for clean energy companies and customers; a more aggressive renewable energy standard to require more wind, solar and biomass power; and a feed-in tariff that rewards customers who sell energy back into the power grid from generators like the Windspire.

“Any legislation that gives a tax incentive or helps make it affordable is a positive step,” said Mastech Wind General Manager John Holcomb. “It’s all part of the bigger picture—to take wind and alternative energy from a ‘gee isn’t that cute’ stage to something that’s actually considered part of the economy.”

For information on current legislation, see At the Capitol.
-Hugh McDiarmid, Jr.
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