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New book fosters our sacred relationship with the Earth, ethic of reverence for all life

A new book by an MEC member group on meditative walks in nature will guide readers to heal, transform and connect themselves more deeply with God through the community of creation.

Nature Stations, A Meditative Walk, just published by the IHM Sisters of Monroe, is a four-color, 30-page booklet that explains and integrates the Universe story and the Earth story with Christian reflections and rituals to foster an awareness of our interconnection with all of life.

Nine nature sites or stations lace clear, scientific narrative with poetry, images of nature, reflection questions and rituals in easy-to-read, two-page formats. The term “stations” connects the planetary sufferings with the life and mission of Jesus.

Authors B.J. Schlachter, IHM associate, and Margaret Schmidt, IHM, say, “Today, planetary survival challenges us as humans to change and make sacrifices for the good of the whole Earth community. God’s kingdom of love, justice and peace requires us to respect and protect all of creation.”

Copies of Nature Stations sell for $7. To place an order, go to www.ihmsisters.org and click on the Publications tab. If you wish to request a review copy or purchase a booklet by check, call (734) 240-9838, Mon.-Fri., 8 AM to 4 PM.
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