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MEC & WMEAC call out DEQ’s attempt to repeal its rulemaking authority

On Tuesday, Jan. 9, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) issued new limits on allowable levels of PFAS -- a class of manufactured chemicals -- in drinking water and set standards for the clean up of contaminated sites. However, in a separate action, the DEQ attempts to surrender its authority to issue similar environmental protections in the future. While Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) and West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC) applaud the new scientifically backed standard on PFAS, they urge the DEQ to drop its proposal to repeal the rule allowing them to set similar standards that protect public health.
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MEC & Michigan LCV to host drinking water town hall in Kalamazoo on Jan. 25

On Thursday, January 25, the Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) and Michigan League of Conservation Voters (Michigan LCV) will hold a drinking water town hall in Kalamazoo. The event is designed to provide residents an opportunity to learn about their drinking water, including where it comes from, how it is treated and transported on the way to their taps, and what contaminants are potentially present.
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Great Lakes advocates slam Michigan plan to weaken ballast water standards

On Wednesday, November 8, leading advocates for the Great Lakes and Michigan’s natural resources denounced an effort by Michigan legislators to lower the state’s standards for ballast water treatment against aquatic invasive species. The bill would be a significant step backward from the state’s long history of leadership in protecting the Great Lakes.
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Media Advisory: Loving our Dunes to Death?

Join us for discussion with experts as they share their latest insights into our freshwater coastal dune system and learn more about how we can best balance conservation with enjoyment.
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Clean energy advocates celebrate opening of Traverse City solar array

Traverse City took a leap forward in meeting its ambitious goal of powering 100% of city operations with clean energy on Thursday, October 26 with the opening of the M-72 Solar Project.
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Michigan Environmental Council applauds passage of e-bike legislation

Today the State Legislature approved a three-bill package (HB 4781, 4782 and 4783) which creates a framework for the legal operation of electric-assist bicycles (e-bikes) in Michigan. Under the previous law, e-bikes were treated the same as a moped, requiring licensing and insurance.
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Michigan Environmental Council Statement: Senate acts to put public lands up for sale

Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) Deputy Policy Director Sean Hammond issued the following statement in response to the Senate’s approval of SB 302 and 303 on Thursday, October 19: "We are disappointed that, once again, the Michigan Senate has passed bills that falsely presume that having an abundance of public land is a bad thing. These bills declare that any public land in Michigan is up for sale, all you have to do is ask."
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Action Alert: Tell your Senator to vote NO & protect the Great Lakes

The health of our Great Lakes shouldn't be put in the hands of the Trump Administration, but earlier this summer the House approved a bill that would block state leaders from doing anything more than the federal bare minimum to protect our environment. Last week, the Senate Oversight Committee also approved the bill, and now the Senate may vote on it as soon as tomorrow. If passed, this bill will strip the state of its voice in regulations that directly impact our health, quality of life and the legacy we leave for future generations. Call your Senator today at (517) 373-2400 and urge them to vote NO on House Bill 4205
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MEC Statement: House’s “No Stricter” bill signals the end of “Pure” Michigan if approved by Senate

Legislation approved Thursday by a Senate panel would demote the Office of the Governor and put the Great Lakes and public health at risk by blocking state leaders from doing anything more than the bare minimum to protect Michigan's environment and natural resources
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Native Detroiters earn state’s top environmental awards

Matt Cullen, principal at Rock Ventures, CEO of JACK Entertainment and former GM executive, has been named the recipient of Michigan's highest environmental award in recognition of his instrumental role in the sustainable revitalization of downtown Detroit. Cullen is joined by Mark Covington, founder of the Georgia Street Community Collective, who will receive Michigan Environmental Council’s citizen volunteer award for his work providing fresh food, youth mentorship, and renewed hope to his northeast Detroit neighborhood. The pair will be recognized at the Michigan Environmental Council’s 19th Annual Environmental Awards Celebration on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, at the Rattlesnake Club in Detroit.
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You're invited: Plainfield Township town hall on drinking water

People across Michigan are wondering: Is my water safe to drink? Whom can I trust for honest answers about my tap water? Why do my water bills keep going up?
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MEC Statement: DEQ fails again to propose clean-up rules to protect public health

The Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) is disappointed that once again the DEQ has failed to act in the best interests of public health in the Clean-Up Criteria rule proposal. The latest iteration of the proposal still does not include a nimble process to update criteria levels to protect public health, instead opting to only allow the criteria to be adjusted to the benefit of business.
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Michigan's plan to improve water quality in Lake Erie won't get the job done

The state of Michigan's plan to reduce pollution in Lake Erie shows good intentions but lacks teeth to make sure we will actually see any significant improvement in the water quality of the lake. On Thursday the Michigan Environmental Council and seven water protection groups submitted extensive comments on the draft Domestic Action Plan to the Department of Environmental Quality to improve Michigan's plan and ultimately, improve the health of Lake Erie. The public comment period ends today.
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MEC statement: State should immediately release Line 5 report draft

The Michigan Environmental Council on Wednesday called for the immediate release of a draft report on the risk of the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac -- set to be made public in just days -- that was scuttled when state officials terminated a contract with the firm preparing the report due to a conflict of interest.
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Report: Michigan communities, water face twin assault from environmental budget cuts

Michigan lawmakers are rushing to pass budgets that slash core environmental programs -- especially ones protecting our lakes and waterways -- without considering the dire impacts they will have when combined with likely cuts at the federal level, a new report from the Michigan Environmental Council and Michigan League of Conservation Voters warns.
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Trump's climate mistake highlights need for local leadership

The Michigan Environmental Council and Michigan Climate Action Network issued the following statement Thursday in response to President Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord.
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Senate passes bill that politicizes Natural Resources Trust Fund

Legislation passed Wednesday by the state Senate would change longstanding practices for managing the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund that have proven effective at keeping the fund's allocations nonpartisan and above the political fray over its four-decade history of purchasing and developing high-value outdoor recreation sites across the state, the Michigan Environmental Council said.
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MEC praises pipeline safety bills from Sens. Peters and Stabenow

Michigan Environmental Council President Chris Kolb issued the following statement in response to pipeline safety legislation introduced Wednesday by U.S. Sens. Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow: "The only way to prevent a catastrophic oil spill in the Straits of Mackinac is to shut down Enbridge's Line 5 pipeline as quickly as possible. Until that happens, the public deserves better information about the pipeline, and Enbridge must be held to higher standards, including increasing the company's liability to reflect the unthinkable economic and environmental costs of an oil spill in the Great Lakes.
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Michigan House says bare minimum is good enough for Great Lakes

Legislation passed by the House of Representatives would cede Michigan's environmental authority to the federal government and prohibit state leaders from doing anything more than the bare minimum to protect public health or natural treasures like the Great Lakes, the Michigan Environmental Council said.
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MEC cheers DTE plan to add clean energy, slash carbon emissions

Michigan Environmental Council President Chris Kolb issued the following statement in reaction to DTE Energy’s announcement that it will add 6,000 megawatts of renewable energy and cut its carbon emissions by more than 80 percent by 2050.
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As Michigan prepares for Earth Day, Senate panel votes to slash bedrock environmental safeguards

Budget cuts approved Wednesday by the Senate Appropriations Committee would slash essential programs that protect Michigan residents from tainted drinking water and toxic groundwater contamination, the Michigan Environmental Council and Michigan League of Conservation Voters said. The proposed cuts to Department of Environmental Quality programs include a $14.9 million reduction in funds to address contaminated sites around the state and a $2.6 million cut to enforcement of the Safe Drinking Water Act as it pertains to lead in drinking water.
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Freshwater Dune Summit to celebrate globally rare Great Lakes coastal sand dunes

Outdoor adventurers, sand dune advocates, academic researchers and tourism professionals will gather in Muskegon May 7-8 to celebrate the region's globally rare freshwater dunes and the unique quality of life they provide for Great Lakes coastal communities. The first Freshwater Dune Summit, held at the Holiday Inn Muskegon Harbor, will combine insights from expert speakers with opportunities for exploring the Lake Michigan shoreline and enjoying the local food and beer scene.
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Groups blast proposed cuts to state air, water protection programs

State lawmakers on Tuesday proposed plans to dramatically weaken essential programs that protect Michigan residents from tainted drinking water, toxic groundwater contamination and harmful air pollution, leading environmental groups said. House and Senate subcommittees approved budget proposals that include significant cuts to Gov. Rick Snyder's proposed funding for the Department of Environmental Quality. Cuts approved by both subcommittees include a $14.9 million reduction in funds to address contaminated sites around the state, and a $2.6 million cut to enforcement of the Safe Drinking Water Act as it pertains to lead in drinking water.
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Rehashed House bill aims to make Michigan mediocre again

Legislation approved Thursday by a House panel would put the Great Lakes and public health at risk by blocking state leaders from doing anything more than the bare minimum to protect Michigan's environment and natural resources, the Michigan Environmental Council said.
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Michigan Environmental Council lays out policy agenda for 2017-2018

Testing all children for lead exposure, passing a statewide code for septic systems and becoming the first state east of the Mississippi River to open an Office of Outdoor Recreation are among the priorities in a new policy agenda unveiled Monday by the Michigan Environmental Council.
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MEC lauds passage of energy bills

The Michigan Environmental Council praised state leaders Thursday for approving a comprehensive energy reform package that will continue the state's transition to a clean-energy economy and reduce energy costs for families and businesses while protecting public health and the environment. "This is an important victory more than two years in the making," said Chris Kolb, MEC president. "These bills are a vast improvement over earlier proposals and will keep Michigan's energy policy moving in the right direction.
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MEC applauds infrastructure recommendations, urges leaders to follow through

The Michigan Environmental Council praised the recommendations put forth Monday by Gov. Rick Snyder’s 21st Century Infrastructure Commission and urged policymakers to significantly increase investments to offset years of underfunding for safe drinking water, public transit, clean energy and other components of a healthy Michigan with a high quality of life.
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MEC launches sustainable agriculture program to make Michigan a good food leader

The Michigan Environmental Council has launched a new sustainable agriculture program to promote state, local and federal policies that support Michigan in growing a diverse abundance of food while promoting the long-term well-being of our water, wildlife and climate. Tom Zimnicki will lead the program as agriculture policy director, MEC announced Tuesday. Most recently, Zimnicki was a project scientist for Kieser and Associates, a Kalamazoo-based environmental science and engineering firm.
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Groups praise Michigan's decision to protect Lake Erie

Michigan environmental groups on Thursday praised the state's designation of its portion of the Western Lake Erie Basin as an impaired watershed under the Clean Water Act, a decision with potential to dramatically reduce nutrient pollution and improve water quality.
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MEC statement: Senate panel approves anti-public land bills

Michigan Environmental Council President Chris Kolb issued the following statement Wednesday in response to the Senate Natural Resources Committee's approval of Senate Bills 39 and 40: "We are disappointed that Senate leaders continue to operate from the false presumption that having an abundance of public land is a bad thing, when there is plenty of data to show that protected public land is a strong economic driver for Michigan and local communities.
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MEC praises southeast Michigan leaders for giving voters a say on the future of regional transit

Michigan Environmental Council President Chris Kolb on Thursday issued the following statement praising southeast Michigan leaders for reaching an agreement that will allow voters to have their say on the Regional Transit Authority's plan for the four-county area's transportation future
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MEC blasts southeast Michigan leaders for refusing to give voters a say on regional transit

Michigan Environmental Council President Chris Kolb on Thursday issued the following statement blasting elected leaders in southeast Michigan for standing in the way of major improvements to the region's transportation system and refusing to give voters a say on the Regional Transit Authority's master plan:
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MEC calls on southeast Michigan leaders to send RTA plan to voters

The Michigan Environmental Council on Wednesday urged southeast Michigan leaders to come to an agreement around the Regional Transit Authority’s master plan and put funding for the plan before voters in November, noting the Aug. 16 deadline for county clerks to approve ballot language.
Read MoreJul 27, 2016

Budget plan a missed opportunity to protect Michigan kids from lead poisoning

Funding for statewide lead poisoning prevention programs proposed Tuesday by a state budget panel falls far short of what's needed to protect Michigan children from the preventable but irreversible brain damage caused by the toxic metal, say MEC and partners in the Michigan Alliance for Lead Safe Homes.
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MEC: Regional transit plan packed with potential for vibrant, sustainable southeast Michigan

A new master plan for regional transit has the right elements to fundamentally transform southeast Michigan's transportation system, connect residents with jobs and opportunities, drive economic development and make Metro Detroit a magnet for innovative businesses and talented workers, the Michigan Environmental Council said Tuesday. 
Read MoreMay 31, 2016

MEC praises creation of board to prevent childhood lead poisoning

The Michigan Environmental Council today praised Gov. Rick Snyder's announcement of a new Child Lead Poisoning Elimination Board to protect Michigan's children from the devastating effects of lead exposure.
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Senate energy bills fail to protect Michigan ratepayers

A pair of Senate bills to eliminate Michigan's wildly successful renewable power and energy efficiency standards will lead to major rate increases for families and slam the brakes on economic development in the state, the Michigan Environmental Council told lawmakers today.
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MEC statement on proposed Lead and Copper Rule reforms

Michigan Environmental Council President Chris Kolb issued the following statement in response to reforms to Michigan's implementation of the federal Lead and Copper Rule proposed today by Gov. Rick Snyder: "The reforms proposed today are an important first step in what needs to be a major, multi-pronged effort to protect Michigan children by ridding our communities of lead hazards. Governor Snyder has put forth a strong plan for addressing the lead risk in water, and we look forward to working with him and legislative leaders to ensure the proposed programs and policies are adequately funded, swiftly implemented and strongly enforced.
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MEC commends DEQ decision to maintain oversight of toxic air chemicals

The Michigan Environmental Council applauded the Department of Environmental Quality's announcement this week that it will continue regulating all air emissions of toxic chemicals, noting that the decision will go a long way in ensuring the department fulfills its primary mission of protecting human health and the environment.
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MEC applauds state recommendation to keep fish farms out of the Great Lakes

The Michigan Environmental Council praised a recommendation from three state agencies that Michigan not allow net-pen aquaculture in the Great Lakes.
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MEC: Waukesha's Great Lakes withdrawal proposal doesn't hold water

A Wisconsin city has failed to demonstrate a sufficient need to divert water from Lake Michigan, and Gov. Rick Snyder should use his authority under the 2008 Great Lakes Compact to reject the proposed withdrawal, the Michigan Environmental Council said Tuesday.
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Coast-to-Coast passenger rail project is worth pursuing and potentially profitable, study finds

Passenger rail service reconnecting Detroit with Grand Rapids could generate millions of dollars in annual profits and provide well over a million trips per year, a study released Monday finds.
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Poll finds overwhelming public opposition to Great Lakes fish farming proposals

Michigan residents overwhelmingly oppose proposals to allow commercial fish farming in the Great Lakes, poll results released Tuesday show. The EPIC-MRA poll found that nearly 7 in 10 Michiganders are against opening Michigan's Great Lakes waters to commercial net-pen aquaculture. The opposition cut across geographic, political and demographic lines and increased when participants learned more about the issue.
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Health advocates applaud Flint aid, urge continued investment

Health advocates today applauded the Legislature's approval of $28 million in state aid for families impacted by the lead poisoning crisis in Flint, recognizing that the appropriation is only a down payment on what must be a continuing commitment of state resources for the city's recovery.
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FWATF Finds MDEQ Primarily Responsible for Flint Water Crisis

The Flint Water Advisory Task Force today released a letter sent to Governor Rick Snyder advising him of the Task Force’s finding that the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is primarily responsible for failing to ensure safe drinking water in Flint and must be held accountable.
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State should heed science panel's findings, keep fish farms out of Great Lakes

State reports issued this week on proposals to farm fish in Michigan's public waters make it clear that commercial aquaculture has no place in the Great Lakes, environmental and conservation groups say. The reports were the product of workgroups assembled by the departments of Natural Resources, Environmental Quality and Agriculture and Rural Development to look into the scientific, environmental, economic and regulatory considerations regarding potential Great Lakes aquaculture.
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DEQ once again failing to put public health first, advocates warn

Changes to state regulation of toxic air emissions proposed today by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality would raise the risk of serious health impacts among Michigan families, particularly in vulnerable communities, public health advocates caution. The department today announced it is moving forward with a proposed administrative rule change requested by industry to deregulate 500 toxic chemicals which have been subject to oversight in the past.
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Pipeline safety report includes the right ideas, now needs strong action

Pipeline safety recommendations issued today by state officials will go a long way toward safeguarding the Great Lakes and Michigan's inland waters from oil spills, but only if they are implemented with a sense of urgency and accountability, water-protection advocates said.
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Michigan Environmental Council statement on Senate transportation package

This plan falls far short of what's needed to create a Michigan transportation system that works for everyone. While the package would provide a modest funding increase for public transit, the legislation fails to put all new revenue through the traditional funding formula that supports transit, rail, trails, harbors and the rest of Michigan's complete transportation system. Our roads are obviously in terrible shape, but our public transportation infrastructure is also in crisis.
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Michigan Environmental Council statement on Michigan v. EPA

Michigan Environmental Council President Chris Kolb issued the following statement today in response to the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Michigan v. EPA: "This ruling is an unfortunate setback for efforts to protect public health.
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Great Lakes champion Buchsbaum, Rouge restorer Craig earn top environmental awards

The Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) next week will honor two outstanding advocates for the Great Lakes and Michigan's inland waters and wildlife. Andy Buchsbaum -- whose leadership and vision made possible recent landmark protections for the Great Lakes -- will receive the Helen & William Milliken Distinguished Service Award. Bill Craig -- a tireless volunteer dedicated to restoring the Rouge River and conserving natural areas -- will receive the Petoskey Prize for Environmental Leadership. The awards will be presented Wednesday, June 24 at a celebration in Ann Arbor starting at 5:30 p.m. For information on the event, call 517-487-9539.
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Michigan Environmental Council statement on DEQ water strategy

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's Office of the Great Lakes today released a draft version of its water strategy, a long-awaited document that will guide state water policy for the next three decades. "By putting in the effort to build this long-term strategy, the Snyder administration has demonstrated a laudable commitment to protecting Michigan's unrivaled water resources," said Chris Kolb, Michigan Environmental Council president. "The draft document is a comprehensive and thoughtful review of threats to water quality and quantity, as well as opportunities our water resources provide for economic development."
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Program seeks partners to unlock recycling potential in Detroit

Curbside recycling is finally available throughout the City of Detroit, but the $25 fee for a recycling cart is a significant hurdle for many residents. A donation program launched today by the Zero Waste Detroit coalition and the Michigan Environmental Council aims to help put recycling within reach for everyone who wants to participate.
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Michigan Environmental Council statement on Rep. Nesbitt's energy package

The Michigan Environmental Council issued the following statement in response to the package of energy bills revealed today by Rep. Aric Nesbitt:
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Michigan Environmental Council joins Safe Roads Yes! campaign, urges support for public transit

The Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) has joined the campaign urging Michigan voters to approve a May ballot proposal for safer roads and stronger public transit, the organization announced today.
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MEC boosts capacity at Capitol with new Deputy Policy Director Sean Hammond

The Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) has hired Sean Hammond to strengthen its team of policy experts at the state Capitol, the organization's president, Chris Kolb, announced today. As Deputy Policy Director, Hammond will help MEC build and maintain relationships with lawmakers, stay abreast of new bills and legislative committee activities, and keep the organization's member groups informed about developments at the Capitol.
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MEC lauds Snyder for protecting biodiversity with veto pen

The Michigan Environmental Council today hailed Gov. Rick Snyder's veto of Senate Bill 78, a misguided piece of anti-science legislation that would have blocked state agencies from designating land to protect biological diversity.
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MEC lays out policy priorities to move Michigan forward in new legislative term

Michigan Environmental Council today released a proactive policy agenda outlining actions state leaders should take in the upcoming legislative cycle for a stronger economy, cleaner environment and higher quality of life in the Great Lake State. The list of policy priorities encompasses a broad range of issues, from protecting our water resources and iconic wild places to accelerating our state’s transition to a clean-energy economy, building a modern transportation system and ending lead poisoning in Michigan.
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MEC applauds state leaders for comprehensive transportation funding solution

The Michigan Environmental Council today cheered a plan from state leaders that, with approval from the full Legislature and voters, will begin to seriously address the state's deteriorating roads and bridges while providing important funding for public transportation.
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Business Owners and Great Lakes Groups: Gov. Snyder Must Immediately Open Hearing on Straits of Mackinac Oil Pipelines

Representatives of more than a dozen environmental groups, businesses, and governments--and thousands of citizens--today called on Gov. Snyder to take swift and meaningful action to protect the Great Lakes from a catastrophic oil spill from a pair of 61-year-old Enbridge pipelines in the Straits of Mackinac.
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MEC commends DNR director for taking Hartwick Pines off the auction block

The Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) today applauded the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for taking state-owned mineral rights beneath some of the Lower Peninsula's last remaining old-growth forest off the auction block for oil and gas drilling.
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Michigan Environmental Council applauds federal proposal to cut carbon pollution

Michigan Environmental Council welcomes the Environmental Protection Agency's action today to curb carbon emissions from power plants, the country's largest source of greenhouse gases. The draft rule announced this morning would require a 30 percent reduction from 2005 levels in power-sector carbon emissions by 2030.
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Bills would allow use of hazardous materials without landowner's consent

Property owners could have hazardous industrial byproducts placed on their land without their consent under legislation being considered this week in the Michigan House of Representatives.
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Michigan Environmental Council statement on John Dingell: Thank you for your service

Architect of many of the nation's environmental policies says he won't seek re-election
Read MoreFeb 24, 2014

Wednesday, Jan. 29 forum, panel to discuss proposed changes in speed limits on Michigan roads

Legislation introduced in Lansing could result in changes in speed limits on Michigan roads. The panel will explore issues related to changing the way those limits are established.
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Sarah Mullkoff hired to lead Michigan Environmental Council’s energy policy work

Mullkoff comes from National Wildlife Federation. Replaces David Gard as MEC's energy program director.
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Gov. Snyder’s energy blueprint: On the right track

Governor says he wants to eliminate energy waste, reduce pollution, increase clean renewable energy and minimize coal use.
Read MoreDec 19, 2013

Media Statement: Michigan Environmental Council applauds MDNR’s decision to protect Au Sable River watershed from oil and gas drilling

State will seek to make 23 leases "non-development" and thus off limits to drilling.
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Champions for kids’ health honored at MEC

Michigan lawmakers who helped secured $1.25 million to combat childhood lead poisoning to be honored by the Michigan Alliance for Lead Safe Housing in Lansing.
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State Senate committee rejects proposal to dump yard clippings in Michigan landfills

Legislation that would have rescinded Michigan's decades-old ban on compostable yard waste in landfills was defeated in a 5-4 Michigan Senate committee vote
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New state report: Renewable energy among cheapest electricity sources and costs falling

Renewable energy in Michigan is less expensive than almost every other electricity source and costs have dropped as much as 50% since 2008, according to a report released today by the State of Michigan.
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Join us! September 25-27: Michigan Transportation Odyssey

Public transportation advocates, elected officials, policy experts and media will join in the 3rd annual Transportation Odyssey starting Sept. 25 – using trains, buses, bicycles, and feet to travel from Traverse City to Detroit.
Read MoreSep 19, 2013

Defenders of Michigan waters earn state’s top environmental honors

Helen & William Milliken Distinguished Service Award, Petoskey Prize for Environmental Leadership given annually to defenders of of Michigan's natural resources.
Read MoreJul 2, 2013

President’s call for cuts in carbon pollution will protect ratepayers, public health

President Obama’s call for cuts in carbon pollution, if achieved, will boost the economy, improve public health and protect ratepayers as well as help mitigate the effects of climate change, the Michigan Environmental Council said today. The initiative also gives Michigan an opportunity to harness the economic opportunities by expanding investments in energy efficiency and clean energy, the council said.
Read MoreJun 25, 2013

Success! State budget includes $1.25 million to keep Michigan kids safe from lead dangers

More than 6,500 kids in Michigan have elevated lead levels, which lead to lost IQ, permanent damage to reproductive and endocrine systems, behavior and aggression problems and many others. This funding will help reduce the number of poisoned children.
Read MoreJun 20, 2013

Plan to ram road through sand dune sanctuary first test of law weakening Critical Dunes Act

Developer says weakened dune protection laws allow quarter-mile access road through public park. MEC says otherwise.
Read MoreApr 15, 2013

MEC: Proposed SS Badger agreement not strong enough to ensure halt to coal ash dumping

A proposed EPA consent agreement would give the iconic ferry two more years to dump coal ash into Lake Michigan, with little guarantee that the boat would be retrofitted by 2015.
Read MoreMar 22, 2013

Senate undermines science with bad anti-biodiversity legislation

Legislation would redefine "conservation," prohibit state DNR from managing land and forests for diversity.
Read MoreMar 5, 2013

Senate committee Republicans vote to gut Michigan Endangered Species Act

Bill would prohibit state agencies from managing lands for biodiversity, redefine 'conservation'
Read MoreFeb 21, 2013

MEC cheers governor’s signature on Transit Authority legislation decades in the making

After more than two decades and 20 tries, Southeast Michigan has a coordinating agency charged with developing safe, efficient, reliable and connected public transportation.
Read MoreDec 19, 2012

MEC: Regional Transit Authority legislation a huge win for Michigan

After dozens of years and more than 20 failed attempts, the Michigan Legislature has approved an authority to coordinate public transportation in Southeast Michigan.
Read MoreDec 6, 2012

MEC reminds anti-clean energy stuntmasters from CARE: Watch out for power plant mercury!

Coal power plants are the nation's largest emitters of the dangerous neurotoxin mercury, which makes many Great Lakes State fish unsafe to eat.
Read MoreNov 2, 2012

Proposal 3 will immediately reduce rates for DTE residential customers

Families use 36 percent of DTE's electricity, but pay 69% of the cost. Proposal 3 would immediately rectify this inequity
Read MoreOct 8, 2012
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Report: Proposal 3 will reduce energy costs for Michigan ratepayers

Generating one quarter of Michigan’s electricity from renewable sources by 2025 would not have a significant impact on electricity rates and would actually reduce energy costs in the long term, a study released today concludes.
Read MoreOct 2, 2012

MEC's 2012 awardees make impacts globally, locally

Their work ranges from the Oval Office to rural communities, protecting natural resources with courage, perseverance and vision
Read MoreJun 18, 2012

Legislature moves to gut Michigan's bottle bill

The Senate Regulatory Reform Committee today voted out legislation that may be the beginning of the end for Michigan’s bottle bill. The proponents of HB 5660 say they are simply trying to exempt new drink “pouches” that are intended to be frozen then emptied into a glass. However, the language of the bill is much broader and would exempt any beverage container that combines metal with plastic, or plastic with paper.
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MEC: Michigan Legislature has opportunity to help eradicate childhood lead poisoning

The Michigan Environmental Council today applauded the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) decision to cut in half the reference value for lead in children’s blood. There is no safe level of lead, and the CDC action is a step in the right direction.
Read MoreMay 21, 2012

Donuts, proclamations and celebration planned across Lower Michigan for Saturday’s National Train Day

Trains stations across Lower Michigan will host public celebrations of National Train Day this Saturday, with refreshments, displays, proclamations and experts on hand to discuss recent exciting developments in Michigan train travel.
Read MoreMay 10, 2012
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Michigan poll: Voters support increased taxes for investment in roads, public transportation systems

A poll commissioned by MEC shows Michiganders support increased taxes to invest in transportation infrastructure
Read MoreApr 25, 2012
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Transportation Odyssey starts Wednesday

Dozens of policy experts, elected officials, advocates and citizens will embark on a three-day Michigan Transportation Odyssey Wednesday starting in Detroit, snaking through West Michigan and concluding Friday in Traverse City.
Read MoreMar 19, 2012
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Bill would send yard waste to dumps; ‘guaranteed bankruptcy’ for composters

Bills being considered by the Michigan House of Representatives today would drive the state’s composting operations out of business.
Read MoreMar 15, 2012

Legislation seeks to rescind 17-year-old ban on landfilled yard waste; compost industry jobs at stake

The Michigan House of Representatives is debating bills that would rescind the state’s 17-year ban on yard waste in landfills – a move that would cost jobs in the state’s burgeoning compost industry and eliminate an industry that provides valuable, nutrient-dense compost to Michigan homes and businesses.
Read MoreMar 14, 2012
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Media Advisory: MEC launches Michigan Distilled!

Content will range from the technical and wonkish to whimsical and irreverent.
Read MoreFeb 20, 2012

Poll: Midwestern, Michigan voters favor transition toward clean energy sources

Almost 70 percent of Michiganders believe clean energy industries are job creators
Read MoreFeb 20, 2012
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Transportation Groups: Five-year federal bill would shortchange Michigan projects

Proposed federal transportation bill would hurt Michigan, jeopardize key initiatives
Read MoreFeb 2, 2012
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MEC applauds Consumers Energy's decisions on coal-fired power plants

“The Michigan Environmental Council applauds Consumers Energy on its announcement to not move forward with a new coal-fired power plant, and its decision to retire seven smaller units around the state,” said James Clift, policy director of the Michigan Environmental Council. “These decisions are good news for public health in Michigan.”
Read MoreDec 2, 2011
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MEC praises governor's veto

Bill would have crippled state's ability to protect Great Lakes
Read MoreDec 1, 2011
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Michigan Senate votes to strip Michigan governor’s authority, cede Great Lakes decisions to Washington

Environmental groups blast move to strip Michigan governors of authority to protect Great Lakes and other Pure Michigan treasures
Read MoreNov 10, 2011
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Experts, Gov. Snyder convene to help make connected, convenient rail system a cornerstone of Michigan’s prosperity

Policy experts, Gov. Rick Snyder address vital role railroad transportation will play in Michigan's 21st century economy
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MEC: Gov. Snyder strikes right tone

The initiatives embraced by Gov. Rick Snyder in today's special message on transportation and infrastructure will help move Michigan into a 21st Century economy.
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You're invited! Capitol Summit on rail transportation Monday, Oct. 31 in Lansing

Rail Summit partners include the Michigan Environmental Council, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Railroads Association, Michigan Municipal League, Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers and The Right Place Inc.
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Live coverage from Detroit: Great Lakes Restoration Conference

Hundreds of people from across the country, including members of the Michigan Environmental Council, are in Detroit to discuss the challenges and safeguards for the world's largest freshwater system.
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Two-day Transit Odyssey starts Saturday in Detroit, ends Monday at Transportation Forum in Traverse City

Public transportation experts piece together cumbersome, lengthy trip to call attention to need for more convenient options
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Our Kids, Our Communities

New campaign will make Michigan a healthy place for kids to grow and thrive.
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Public forums: Deciding how Michigan rolls

A series of Transportation for Michigan (Trans4M) forums across the state will gather public input on improving Michigan's transportation systems.
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Report: Michigan’s old coal plants costing residents $1.5 billion annually in health care

The Michigan Environmental Council called on the State Legislature to provide greater oversight of Michigan utilities today following the release of a report showing that the state’s oldest coal-fired electricity plants cost Michiganders $1.5 billion annually in health care costs.
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House votes to strip Great Lakes protections, governor's authority

A bill passed by the Michigan House would prohibit Michigan from adopting rules more stringent than federal standards unless authorized by statute. The Great Lakes, then, would be subject to the same rules as ponds in Arizona and creeks in New Mexico.
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DNR's Becky Humphries, Traverse City activist Ken Smith earn top environmental awards

The Helen and William Milliken Distinguished Service Award and the Petoskey Prize for Environmental Leadership are given annually by the Michigan Environmental Council.
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MEC applauds full funding for public transportation

Critical passenger transportation programs avoid cuts in budget passed by the Michigan Legislature today
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Senate Republicans Vote to Weaken Protections for Great Lakes

Proposed law would prohibit state from setting protections more stringent than Washington's without legislative approval
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New transportation coalition: Moving Michigan forward

More frequent, reliable and affordable transportation options paired with smart, effective investments in upkeep of roads and bridges are among the group's policy goals
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House Dems plan for coal-burning plants: Bad business for Michigan

Michigan's House Democratic leadership courts rate increases, undermines state's clean energy job growth with support for unnecessary coal plants
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Michigan 50 Year Vision: Blueprint for a better Michigan, circa 2060 released by Environmental Council

Road map to a better future seeks input on goals for 2, 10, 20 and 50 years on the path to a vibrant, sustainable Michigan
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Lakes, rivers get key protection with phosphorus restrictions for lawn fertilizer

The Michigan Legislature has passed restrictions on excess phosphorus in lawn fertilizer. The nutrient accelerates weed and algae growth.
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Gubernatorial Debate a “Complete Failure” in Addressing Major Economic and Environmental Issues

Candidates, moderators, ignore energy, transportation, Great Lakes and every other natural resource issue in hour-long debate
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Groups applaud Michigan House passage of key water protection rules restricting phosphorus in lawn fertilizer

A bill restricting the use of phosphorus in lawn fertilizer will help keep Michigan's lakes and ponds free from runaway algae and weed growth.
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Legislation would raid bond money intended to keep sewage out of the Great Lakes

Voters intended their money to be used to keep the Great Lakes waters clean; legislators want to use it to clean up contaminated land caused by polluters.
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MEC: Michigan oil disaster should be a wake-up call to voters, candidates as primary election nears

Oil spill highlights need for strong legislative support to establish, fund strong protections for Michigan's natural resources
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State Legislature encourages vibrant cities with passage of Complete Streets measure today

Complete streets will maximize tools like sidewalks, bike lanes and curb cuts to link people to businesses, public transit and workplaces.
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Saturday action aims to end Detroit’s wasteful incineration in favor of clean energy, jobs

Environmental advocates, Teamsters, and neighborhood residents will march together on Saturday, June 26 to demand the closure of the country’s largest waste incinerator. By engaging in street theater and colorful, positive actions, representatives of Detroit’s pollution-impacted communities will bring attention to the need for a just transition from burning waste, coal and diesel to building a better, cleaner future for Detroiters.
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Modern Michigan high speed rail: First in series of public forums Monday in Royal Oak

The first in a statewide slate of public forums on Michigan’s passenger rail transportation future will take place Monday, June 14 in Royal Oak from 6 to 8 p.m. at St. John’s Episcopal Church on Woodward Ave. at 11 Mile Road.
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Detroit RiverFront CEO Faye Nelson awarded Michigan’s top environmental honor; recycling pioneer Margaret Weber named grassroots hero

MEC's 12th annual Environmental Awards Celebration to honor duo June 9 at a ceremony on the Detroit RiverFront
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Coal plant postponement an opportunity for a better energy future in Michigan

Postponement of Consumers Energy's proposed Bay City coal-fired power plant is an opportunity to establish cheaper, cleaner energy alternatives for Michigan
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Coal plant denial nixes $77/month rate hike, invites cleaner, cheaper options

Michigan regulators deny permit for proposed 600 megawatt coal-fired power plant in Rogers City, saying the Wolverine Power Cooperative did not consider other alternatives. Public Service Commission estimates it would have cost average residential customer an additional $77 per month.
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Winds of change from Cape Cod

Federal approval of Cape Cod wind farm opens doors to North American offshore turbines; is a call to action for Michigan legislators
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Clean Car standards will benefit Midwest economy, environment

Federal fuel economy standards will benefit Big Three automakers, consumers in Michigan and the Midwest
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Michigan Environmental Council asks EPA to probe flaws in state's air quality program

The Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) today requested the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) investigate deficiencies in Michigan’s implementation of the Clean Air Act. Those deficiencies stem from underfunding of the state’s air program.
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Anti-government activists convene science bashing forums at OU, CMU

Scientific consensus remains solid despite anti-regulation groups' campaign to confuse public and derail policies on climate change
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Report: $438 annual savings for Michigan families if strong efficiency policies are part of federal energy bill

A new study shows that Michigan families would save an average $438 each year on utility bills if strong energy efficiency measures are included as part of the energy bill being debated in the U.S. Senate
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PSC sides with MEC, orders Consumers Energy to refund $86 million

Environmental Council's intervention helps return improperly collected money to Consumers Energy electric customers
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$244 million high speed rail funds inject crucial investment in future transportation system

The White House announced it is allocating $244 million in funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for work on a high speed rail corridor in the lower Lake Michigan region. The Michigan Environmental Council applauds the Obama Administration for making this critical down payment on a prosperous future for our state and our regional economy.
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Press statement: Mining approval misguided

Appeal expected in attempt to force regulators to protect Lake Superior and its tributaries
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MEC praises choice of Becky Humphries to lead MDNRE

New director combines leadership, administrative experience and passion for state's natural resources
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MEC: Smoking ban is welcome news for health, safety in Michigan

Senate, House send ban with exemptions to the governor
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Upgrades for high speed trains would curb pollution, boost economy

MEC lauds MDOT assessment of Detroit-Chicago rail route improvements that will help make train travel more convenient for commuters and travelers.
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Wetlands program saved, but state budget puts the Great Lakes and public health at serious risk

The legislature will return to Lansing today to put the final touches on a bill that will keep Michigan’s wetlands program running at the state level for an additional three years. Proposals had been made to send the program back to the federal government to operate on a limited basis.
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House plan lets Michigan protect Great Lakes and state’s wetlands

Michigan’s environmental community today applauded efforts in the Michigan House Great Lakes and the Environment committee to preserve state-based protection of Michigan’s wetlands and Great Lakes waters.
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Train Riders Rally to “Stop The Great Train Robbery”

On Saturday, September 12, there will be a press conference and rally to call attention to state budget cuts that threaten the passenger trains serving the Flint and mid-Michigan area. The rally will take place at the Flint Amtrak train station beginning at 6:40 am and continuing until train departure at 7:11 am
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Public Service Commission report affirms clean energy strategy

Report finds no new coal fired power plants are needed in Michigan for at least 13 years
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New report: Transit service cuts and fare increases devastate cities and towns

Cuts to Detroit’s public transit system and those of other Michigan towns are part of a national epidemic making it harder for families and vulnerable citizens to get to jobs and essential services.
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Lansing City Council adopts Complete Streets and Non-Motorized Plan ordinance

The Lansing City Council voted unanimously last night to adopt a Complete Streets and Non-Motorized Plan Ordinance. This is a big victory for cyclists and pedestrians in Lansing, and for the Complete Streets movement in Michigan.
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Climate Council and Gov. Granholm: Michigan must forge ahead with ambitious plan to cut greenhouse gases, become energy independent and create jobs

Governor Jennifer Granholm’s Executive Directive (2009-4), released today, reflects the unique consensus on Michigan energy policy reforms reached recently by a diverse group of leaders from manufacturing, automotive industries, utility companies, environmental groups, universities, and government.
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U.P. slammed with huge electric rate hike for new coal plants, is Rogers City next?

One dozen groups file comments urging more thorough consideration of cheaper, cleaner alternatives to Rogers City coal burning plant
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Cookies for Amtrak? Bake sales to raise money for crippled public transit scheduled July 1 in Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo

Public transit advocates will host bake sales in four Michigan cities Wednesday, July 1 to raise cash in the wake of proposed state budget cuts that would derail Amtrak train routes and cripple bus services vital to connecting Michigan workers with employers. “With more Michiganders losing jobs, income, and the means to afford their own vehicles, public transportation is more important now than ever,” said Megan Owens of Transportation Riders United, Detroit.
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MEC responds to State Senate vote to cripple environmental oversight

Response from Michigan Environmental Council to State Senate’s vote to cede authority to federal government, cripple state environmental protections
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Policy wonks float down the Grand River on final day of “Smart Commute” challenge

The week-long Smart Commute challenge in Lansing witnessed perhaps its most offbeat entry yet when a pair of environmental policy specialists from the Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) canoed the Grand River to reach their Lansing office.
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Regulators cut proposed cost of utility’s renewable energy plan, find clean energy and efficiency cheaper than new coal

The Michigan Public Service Commission cuts customers' costs for new renewable energy plan and finds clean energy cheaper than new coal. MEC and our allies say costs should come down even further for clean energy.
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Michigan Environmental Council statement on proposed new mileage, tailpipe standards

The Michigan Environmental Council today applauded President Obama’s plan to establish responsible, uniform mileage standards that will slash greenhouse gas pollution from new vehicles and make the nation more energy independent.
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Environmental coalition calls for commission to reject Consumers Energy efficiency and renewables plan

Leading environmental organizations filed a brief today calling for the Michigan Public Service Commission (PSC) to reject the energy efficiency and renewable energy plan filed by Consumers Energy. The groups argue the plan costs consumers too much and the energy efficiency plan does not do enough to reduce customers' bills.
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Former MEC boss Lana Pollack, Au Sable River defender Rusty Gates earn top awards

Lana Pollack has been chosen for the state's highest environmental honor and Rusty Gates is 2009's citizen hero
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MEC to State House: Don't sabotage Michigan's Clean Energy jobs

The following letter was delivered to State House Speaker Andy Dillon, Minority Leader Kevin Elsenheimer and Gov. Granholm’s office from leading statewide environmental groups. It is a response to a letter to the governor signed by dozens of House members criticizing her recent Clean Energy executive directive. Many of these House members are Clean Energy supporters, but have been grossly misled about the legality, intent, and effect of the governor’s directive. We hope this letter helps set the record straight…or, at least straighter!
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Don't pour stimulus cash into widening highways

Michigan's highways are in abysmal condition. Potholes crater our secondary roads. The undersides of bridges are sheathed with plywood to keep crumbling concrete from striking motorists. There's simply no money to fix problems. So it borders on insulting -- and certainly seems irresponsible -- that Michigan may spend more than $170 million in federal stimulus money to build bigger, wider roads rather than fixing the ones already in desperate straits.
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AG tortures law in opinion aiming to block Michigan’s progress toward clean energy jobs

A new era of clean energy jobs and economic development in Michigan has been needlessly threatened by Attorney General Mike Cox’s tortured interpretation of state laws regarding public health and the environment, according to the Michigan Environmental Council and the Sierra Club’s Michigan chapter.
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Detroit joins Michigan cities vowing aggressive cuts in global warming pollution

Detroit today joined the growing ranks of cities embracing a green economy and taking the initiative against climate change, committing to cut its greenhouse gas emissions significantly during the next several years.
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Year-end flurry caps off good year for environmental, health protections in Michigan

A flurry of year-end legislation protecting public health and Michigan’s environment passed the Michigan Legislature late Thursday. The measures cap a year of tremendous accomplishments in protecting our Great Lakes, stimulating job creation in the clean energy sector and protecting children from toxics in toys and other products.
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Michigan residents win long-fought energy savings battle

Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Michigan Environmental Council and Michigan Community Action Agency Association intervene on behalf of the public interest to win court fight against Michigan Home Builders
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Great Lakes Compact: Key protections for world’s greatest freshwater resource

Congressional passage of the Great Lakes Compact provides important new protections from large-scale water diversions and a framework for strengthening state water laws, a coalition of Michigan environmental groups said today.
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Legislature’s energy plan applauded as significant ‘first step’ toward clean energy jobs and economic growth

Legislation passed by the Michigan House and Senate today is a significant first step toward creating a new era of clean energy jobs.
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Legislation would open the door to more billboards along Michigan roads

Legislation killing billboard control measures could mean thousands more billboards along Michigan’s scenic highways and byways, and should be rejected by the State House of Representatives and/or Gov. Granholm, said the Michigan Environmental Council and Scenic Michigan today.
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Agreement scores new, concrete protections for Michigan water resources

A bipartisan agreement announced today establishes important and concrete protections for Michigan’s streams and makes water conservation an integral part of the state’s water stewardship efforts.
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House energy pact means lower cost, cleaner energy for Michigan's future

An energy package passed by the Michigan House of Representatives will mean lower cost, cleaner electricity for Michigan’s future according to analysis by the Michigan Environmental Council.
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Senate passes renewable energy initiative for state government; A small first step

Legislation requiring state government to purchase renewably generated electricity is a useful first step toward a statewide clean energy policy. But the measure, passed by the Michigan State Senate today, is primarily symbolic because it affects significantly less than 1 percent of the state’s electricity generation.
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Michigan Environmental Council statement on John Dingell: Thank you for your service

Congressman John Dingell, a pioneer of American environmental policy, announced he will not seek re-election.
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