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MEC: Gov. Snyder strikes right tone

Calls for modernizing, prioritizing transportation, infrastructure
Oct 26, 2011
The Michigan Environmental Council today applauded the initiatives announced in Gov. Rick Snyder’s Special Message on Transportation and Infrastructure. The governor’s commitment to better public transportation options – including a regional authority for a cohesive bus system in Southeast Michigan – is a positive step toward linking people with jobs, neighborhoods, business districts and cultural amenities.

“This set of priorities will help establish public policies enabling more frequent, reliable and affordable transportation options and smart, effective prioritization of upkeep for our existing roads and bridges,” said Chris Kolb, president of the Michigan Environmental Council. “To be competitive, Michigan must recognize the vital role that these services play in our economy and our quality of life.”

Kolb also praised the governor’s steps toward a better funding mechanism for road and bridge maintenance, green infrastructure projects including dam removals and the freeing up of nearly $1 billion in voter-approved bond money that will help upgrade Michigan’s sewer systems and protect our water and waterways.

Additionally, the plan to give voters in counties and regions the ability to fund their transportation programs is a key step toward vibrant, connected transportation systems.

“There’s a lot to like in the new direction that Governor Snyder charted today,” said Kolb. “He made a commitment to better maintaining the roads and bridges that are vital to our state’s future.

"At the same time, he charted a course to complement those roads with a more diverse set of transportation options that better connect our communities and neighborhoods to each other – and outlined a broader and more sustainable way of prioritizing critical infrastructure like sewers and dams to protect our vital water resources.” ###
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