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MEC cheers governor’s signature on Transit Authority legislation decades in the making

RTA made official in Detroit today
Dec 19, 2012
The Michigan Environmental Council cheered Gov. Rick Snyder’s signing of Regional Transit Authority legislation today, calling it a historic step forward for the state.

“This is the foundation for a more reliable, convenient and affordable system of public transportation options in Southeast Michigan,” said MEC President Chris Kolb, who attended this afternoon’s signing ceremony in Detroit. “It is a critical tool to connect people with jobs, neighborhoods, retail and cultural attractions. It helps make Southeast Michigan competitive with other regions where strong transportation backbones support local economies, reduce congestion and pollution and enhance quality of life.”

The legislation is the culmination of decades of work by advocates and policymakers. More than 20 legislative attempts to create such an authority have failed during the past two decades. Southeast Michigan is the last large metropolitan region to create such a coordinating body, which helps streamline existing transportation offerings, reduce overlapping services, and generate efficiencies.

The Authority will be run by an appointed board and a professional staff to coordinate and oversee regional public transit service in Southeast Michigan. It will help ensure the smooth coordination of bus and rail services throughout the region.

This is a vital step to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness for the region’s beleaguered transit service, improve management of resources, and eventually expand regional transit service.
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