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Michigan Environmental Report

Spring / Summer 2017

Vol. 35 Issue 1

Freshwater Dune Summit is May 7-8 in Muskegon; #howyoudune combines advocates, science and adventure in support of Great Lakes coastal dunes

Registration is now open for this first-time event welcoming outdoor adventurers, sand dune advocates, academic researchers and tourism professionals with a casual mix of recreation, information, and local food and beer, all in celebration of the beauty and value of our amazing natural asset.
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Job Posting - Communications Officer

The Michigan Environmental Council seeks a media-savvy communications professional with outstanding writing skills to join our team as Communications Officer. The person in this position will be responsible for managing MEC’s relationships with journalists across the state; writing and editing for our web and print publications; shaping our overall communications strategy; and developing and delivering compelling messages that drive news coverage and shape discussions in the State Capitol.
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How safe is our drinking water? Do you know how to find out?

Drinking water issues arising out of Flint and around the state have spurred MEC to develop a drinking water toolkit for residents and community decision-makers. The toolkit will help community members learn more about our drinking water systems—from source waters such as lakes, streams, and groundwater, to treatment and distribution systems, and finally into our homes, including affordability and shutoff policies.
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2017 Environmental Programs Budget Analysis

In June the Michigan legislature passed the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. MEC and our partners at Michigan League of Conservation Voters commissioned a budget analysis of the combined impacts of proposed federal budget cuts outlined in President Trump’s budget and the state budget cuts being considered for environment protection programs and activities. We released our report during legislative budget negotiations, providing the first-ever analysis to review the impact of both state and federal budget decisions and how they will affect Michigan’s ability to protect our residents and environment. The combined impact of these cuts is enormous and, quite frankly, puts at risk our state’s ability to protect the Great Lakes, our water resources including drinking water, and the cleanup of contaminated sites across the state.
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