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Michigan Environmental Report

Spring/Summer 2015

Vol. 33 Issue 2

Petoskey Prize recipient Bill Craig: ‘Long and difficult doesn’t matter’

“This was all woods,” says Bill Craig, sweeping his arm across a scene of suburban sprawl in Westland, Michigan. Craig grew up not far from here, in Garden City. When he was a boy his parents would drop him and his two younger brothers off at the forest’s edge with peanut butter sandwiches and apples. “I had some great adventures that way,” he says. “That was the Huckleberry Finn part of my life.” Only a ribbon of those woods remains—the 500-plus-acre William P. Holliday Forest and Wildlife Preserve—but Craig still roams there whenever he can. For 25 years he has served as volunteer president of the Holliday Nature Preserve Association (HNPA).
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Milliken Award recipient Andy Buchsbaum: Accomplished Great Lakes guardian

Early in Andy Buchsbaum’s college internship, Ralph Nader dropped by to say hello. The position was with Congress Watch, part of Nader’s consumer advocacy group Public Citizen. The political activist’s remarks to the interns were brief, but they marked a turning point in Buchsbaum’s life. “He said, ‘How can you see something that’s wrong and not do anything about it?’” Buchsbaum remembers. “That’s always stayed with me. After that moment, that was it for me. That’s what I was going to do.”
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Cleaning Up White Lake

I don’t think most people would imagine the picturesque White Lake area, situated in the northern portion of Muskegon County, as a polluted toxic hot spot. But that’s what it was at one time. It isn’t anymore, and that’s truly a good story.
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